Gilly Marklew  - Watercolour Artist

I see the subject matter of my paintings, ( usually women ) as a vehicle for the pursuit of a particular artistic outcome - i.e. an exercise in representing refracted light, or in using a limited palette of analogous or complimentary colours based on an abstract structure of strong shapes and tone.

If I can weave into this exercise the representation of a mood, of rhythm, or of a suggested meaning, and if this translates to the viewer in a pleasing way, then I have achieved my aim.

Exploring new challenges with each painting keeps me excited about art. Translating this excitement in turn to my students, in my capacity as a teacher, and presenting them with new challenges, stimulates my imagination and enriches my understanding of art.

Gilly teaches Watercolour Painting and Drawing to adult learners at several colleges in the Cambridge area. For details on courses etc please email.

Prints now available HERE

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